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Do You Brag About Your Relationship on Social Media?


Do you share photos, romantic comments, and affectionate phrases toward your partner on your social media? Lots of people do, although it seems to occur to a greater extent at the beginning of a relationship. Perhaps you even use a photo of the two of you as your personal profile picture? Although this behavior does tend to show how happy you are in your relationship, there are sometimes other reasons why you might brag about your relationship on social media.

In this article, we’re going to explore the motivations that sometimes lead couples to overexpose their lives in the virtual world.

Bragging about your relationship as a way of protecting it

Recent research suggests that, considering the potential for interaction with new people that social media offers, one possible motive for this behavior is the desire to protect your relationship from external threats.

In other words, on the one hand, it acts as a warning to any potential suitors. That’s because, when you have a profile picture with your partner, you send the message that you’re not romantically available. In the same way, you send a similar message regarding your partner because, deliberately or not, you’re telling the world that they’re also not available.

This research suggests that in the act of bragging about your partner on social media, you’re avoiding the mention of any ‘bad behavior’ like infidelity or flirtation. In other words, while this type of public interaction in a virtual setting can be evidence of a deep connection between you, it’s also possibly suggesting certain insecurities you may have about monogamy and sexual/affective exclusivity.

Why do others’ opinions matter?

Other research has claimed that constantly bragging about your relationship on networks like Instagram or Facebook can be an indicator of insecurity, low self-esteem, or narcissistic tendencies. For example, you may use social overexposure to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship, instead of paying attention to those things that are causing you discomfort or disgust.

It’s also possible that the publication of this type of content is related to the desire to strengthen a bond that you perceive as fragile and in which you don’t feel secure. Indeed, the need for visibility and likes can denote insecurity and a desire for acceptance and validation by others. It’s also likely that validation is sought from others due to the fact that you’re not experiencing satisfaction and recognition in the relationship itself.

In any case, it seems that the most important thing is the way in which you use social media. Because they can serve both to give a positive space to your relationship in the virtual environment, and to disguise insecurities, camouflage fears, and exhaust your love.

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Taking advantage of social media

Therefore, it’s important to reflect on the reasons for deciding to show off your relationship on social media all the time. You might want to ask yourself questions such as: Is there a void that you want to fill with this behavior? What kind of responses are you expecting from your followers and friends? Do you know how your partner feels about it?

Of course, uploading photos of you with your partner isn’t a bad thing. As we’ve already mentioned, it can be a sign of connection and trust. In fact, doing so when you’re experiencing a special moment or celebrating an important occasion can allow you to share that moment with your loved ones.

However, when you only do it to obtain external validation, receive likes, or generate envy in others, you must begin to ask yourself about the real satisfaction that you’re experiencing with your partner. Or, whether you’ve made the relationship into a facade, behind which you can hide your insecurities.

As in everything, the important thing is to find a balance. In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, you mustn’t forget that overexposing your private life on social media can be dangerous. That’s because you’re giving too much information about yourself, your daily life, and your routine to people who may want to use it in an inappropriate way.

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