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Learn to Ignore Those Who Only Seek to Make You Unhappy


Many times, getting away from conflictive people doesn’t only improve your physical comfort, but it benefits your mental health as well. In fact, some people have attitudes that unbalance you so much that they block you and prevent you from fulfilling yourself. In effect, they subject your emotional well-being to their own whims.

As you know, your relationships don’t always bring you positive things, although you hope they will. As a matter of fact, sometimes you find yourself actually feeding toxic exchanges.

You can’t escape from reality and it’s a sad fact that sacrificing your well-being for others is often what you end up doing.

Therefore, you’re faced with the sad situation of living in unhealthy relationships with people who aren’t sincere and who don’t bring you any positive emotions. All you get are exchanges loaded with their selfishness and their own interests. For this reason, in order to grow, you must learn to ignore certain people at certain times.

What must you ignore to be happy?

The situations you need to absent yourself from are many and varied. While you usually recognize what troubles you, at other times it may take you a while.

Knowing what they are will help you become aware of reality. It can even help you anticipate these kinds of issues, so you can prevent them from doing you more harm than is inevitable. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what you must learn to ignore:

1. The criticism of others

Nobody can affect you without your consent. In other words, it’s you who validates the opinions of others. However, what others think about the decisions you make shouldn’t matter to you, since they’re just as likely to be wrong as you are.

2. The creation of insecurities

There are people who think they’re experts in everything in life. These kinds of people end up, either consciously or unconsciously, creating insecurities and irritations in the people around them. Try to ignore people with these kinds of attitudes, as they’ll only make you feel frustrated.

3. Worrying about what you can’t control

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If you’re worried about how a certain person is going to act or what they’re going to do or say, there’s something wrong. As a matter of fact, people aren’t generally deliberately doing you harm. However, you shouldn’t be wasting your time worrying about whether they are or not. If this is happening, it’s better that you move away from that person, because it’s doing you no good.

4. Obsessive comparisons

It’s all very well for people to keep succeeding. However, they shouldn’t ever make others feel small. In fact, there’s no person more insignificant than the one who uses their achievements to belittle others.

Keep focussing on what you can do to keep growing. Remember that what you’re able to achieve depends, in part, on your beliefs.

5. Interests and selfishness

Bear in mind that not everyone is helping you when they appear to be. Analyze which way the scales are tipping. If they’re balanced, it means that there’s harmony in your relationship. If they’re not, then something’s wrong.

Keep away from those who don’t value you

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You have to realize that, over time, the images you have of people can change. This means that you may no longer know those you thought you knew.

Stay away and show indifference to those who don’t value you. Absent yourself emotionally from them. However, don’t do it as a form of revenge, but as a way to protect yourself.

Sometimes, you realize too late that everything you’ve done for someone has been emotionally ignored or undervalued. You may then feel disappointed and realize that they haven’t even lifted a finger for you.

Getting to the point when what someone does or doesn’t do for you no longer affects you is healing. It’ll be hard to achieve at first, but the results will soon show in your improved emotional health.

In fact, when you’re able to do this, you realize that it’s a real pleasure to be able to listen to others without anything clouding your inner dialogue. In reality, trying isn’t only worthwhile, it’s joyful.

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