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Eroticism: The Metaphor of Sensual Sexuality


When tranquility reigns and we surrender to disconnection, we’re able to balance the neurochemical and neurological constellations that allow us to get closer to orgasm, sexual fun, and pleasure. Also, sometimes it can be difficult to look frankly at our sexuality and give it free rein through sexual care, insinuation, and imagination. In short, eroticism.

As we see in the image that heads this article, we have the ability to give an erotic meaning to almost anything. It’s our social and biological nature that offers us this possibility; that’s wonderful, and it makes no sense for us to give it up.

Our sensuality, a neglected territory

Sensuality has a lot to do with sexuality, but it’s more related to the eroticism that permeates our bodily, sexual, and emotional contact. Many times, the rush, coupled with dissatisfaction with our body image, prevents us from relating to our body in the right way.

Sensualizing ourselves eroticizes us and reaffirms us as women and men. We can’t let that powerful energy fall far from the fertile ground that nature offers us and that our language, our history, our work, and our lives offer us.

Who hasn’t been frustrated by the lack of personal shared sexual initiative? Who hasn’t blushed when thinking about the sexual magic that some of our thoughts give off? Who hasn’t mentally and behaviorally refused to buy a sex toy or shamelessly look at their curves and intimate areas?

We can put an end to this; it just takes the willingness to recover the eroticism of our feminine sensuality… Let’s see what we can do to gather again that power that we have but that we’ve either lost or have never cultivated.

A woman's feet crossed and leaning against a tree with a flower between them.

Recover our eroticism, recover our sexual health

We can all be sensual; we can all eroticize. Starting from this basis, we must highlight a female handicap. Women have been brought up to feel that they’re only worthy of sexual pleasure if they have a certain look, shape, or weight.

For this “simple” reason, endless fears and insecurities tend to surround us and end up determining how we fertilize the ground of our sensual sexuality. Therefore, to improve the relationship we have with ourselves, we must pay attention to the following points:

1. Consciously decide to be sexual and feel sexy

Feeling attractive has little to do with our appearance. Rather, it has to do with our inner work. That’s why if, through our internal dialogue, we tell ourselves things like “I’m irresistible,” and we repeat it to ourselves at least twice a day, we’re giving our mind clues so that it’s considered such.

Bodansky puts it this way: “When a woman knows how to get excited while feeling attractive, she sends a signal to the world that changes what others perceive and attracts.” Put on nice underwear, read erotic novels, take sensual baths, and fantasize more. This is true for all genders and orientations.

It can be difficult to carry out these actions when we have to take care of the children, work, or coordinate and think about hundreds of things. It’s time to consciously decide whether or not you want to have a good, healthy sexual and sensual life.

A couple holding hands while being intimate in bed.

2. Focus your attention on sensuality

In our culture, sexuality has been made a premise through which to sell everything; however, few people think of it as a priority. If we want our eroticism, our sensuality, and our sexuality to improve, we can spend time thinking about it.

We’ve become bystanders rather than participants. Therefore, the more we think about sex, the more we’ll be able to get excited. Caress your skin, experiment with more or less pressure, examine your body with a mirror, caress your genitals, and learn what’s most pleasurable for you.

3. Feel healthy

Doing aerobic exercise three times a week for at least 20 minutes makes us feel better, and our sexual fitness is enhanced. Thanks to physical activity, we’ll achieve a good blood supply in the pelvis and in all our erogenous zones, which will contribute to an improved sexual experience. Don’t forget to perform Kegel exercises regularly.

4. Getting to know each other, another step to eroticize

As we’ve stated on other occasions, the upper left quadrant of the clitoris, the lips, and the nipples are the most erogenous zones par excellence. However, we have hundreds more. That’s why it’s important that we explore and experiment with our bodies. Of course, we won’t be able to take anyone to a place where we’ve never been.

By knowing ourselves, we take responsibility for our pleasure. It’s good to look for the fantasies that excite us the most because when we use our imagination to excite ourselves, our bodies and our minds come together in the same melody.

A man lying on top of a woman in bed, experiencing eroticism.

5. Consciously increase your capacity for pleasure

We have more capacity to feel and give pleasure than we’ve been led to believe. In fact, disciplines and philosophies like tantra show us that we can reprogram our nervous system to intensify and prolong orgasmic pleasure.

Mastering this technique requires dedication, commitment, and time, but everything is compensated by the benefits of greater sexual enjoyment on an emotional and physical level.

6. Help your partner to be a good lover

No one is born knowing how to be a good lover. That’s why it’s important that we learn together with our partners to be more skilled in the love arts. Orgasm doesn’t have to be the final objective, but you can talk, kiss, and cuddle with the intention of enhancing sexual sensuality within the couple.

7. Creativity is essential to fertilize the ground

Trying new things helps us get out of the routine and work with our ability to imagine. Being able to expand the ideas we have of ourselves and get hold of sexual literature or exciting music is a great aphrodisiac and stimulant. We’re a box full of surprises, and it’s worth cultivating that ability in order to eroticize our lives and our bodies.

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