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Five of the Best Musicals in Movie History


In the world of cinema, the various different genres have left behind the legacies of both significant and original movies. In this regard, music has played a really important role, since it often acts as a complement to the productions. However, it can also play a singular role. We’re going to look at five of the best musicals in the history of cinema.

This genre is characterized by a different approach than those used in other kinds of movies. The movies are fragmented into episodes that are narrated via song and dance. They allow us, the viewers, to leave reality for a moment and enter the world of the fantastic.

Let’s look at five of the best musicals in movie history

1. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Production company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and director Victor Fleming were primarily responsible for The Wizard of Oz. It’s one of the great classics of cinema that’s currently considered a cult movie. However, basically, it’s a children’s fable. Made in technicolor, the musical portrays several fantastic environments that entrance the viewer.

The protagonist Dorothy Gale, played by Judy Garland, is joined by three other unique characters: the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. Together, they travel to the Emerald City in order to meet the famous Oz. They hope he’ll grant their wishes.

“Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.”

-Frank Morgan-

2. Mary Poppins (1964)

Directed by Robert Stevenson, this children’s musical is made up of moments of comedy, animation, and fantasy. Julie Andrews plays Mary Poppins, a role that gave her worldwide fame as well as an Oscar for best actress. The movie itself also won other prizes.

The fantasy atmosphere is reflected in the story itself. Mary Poppins is a governess who comes down from the clouds floating under an umbrella. She starts to organize the house of a family where the little ones have acquired the habit of making life impossible for any nannies sent to look after them.

However, everything changes with Mary. Many adventures await them all, accompanied by excellent songs that make this movie one of the best musicals ever.

3. Grease (1978)

Grease has acted as a reference for many directors. Furthermore, it was the production that launched John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to stardom. Its director, Randal Kleiser, insisted on the importance of transmitting youthful energy accompanied by catchy songs.

It tells the romantic story of Sandy and Danny, a beautiful couple who enjoy a whole summer together. However, as with the typical summer romance, once autumn arrives, each one has to return home. Unexpectedly, Sandy and Danny meet again at Rydell High School, but things will never be the same again.

4. Les Miserables (2012)

Director, Tom Hooper, presented one of the best musicals of the 21st century, full of emotion, drama, and romance. Actors of international renown, such as Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, give the film recognition and terrific acting quality. This is accompanied by the essence of the writer, Victor Hugo, and the atmosphere of poverty of the nineteenth century.

An ex-convict named Jean Valjean takes care of Cosette, Fantine’s little daughter. From there, various different events take place that captures the viewer’s attention, both because of the story itself and the baroque scenery.

“Love is a portion of the soul itself and it is of the same nature as the celestial breathing of the atmosphere of paradise.”

-Victor Hugo-

5. La La Land (2016)

This is one of the best musicals in movie history that gained great recognition at its premiere. It also achieved tremendous success at the box office. Furthermore, it won six Oscars, including one for best director, Damian Chazelle.

La La Land is a beautiful love story that portrays both passion and love and is accompanied by a beautiful display of music and dance.

Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) are both artists that lead separate lives. She aspires to be an actress, while he’s a jazz pianist. Their paths cross and they fall in love. However, the fact that each one continues with their professional career threatens their relationship.


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