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Six Signs That You’re Rejecting Your Feminine Energy


Feminine energy lives in all of us, just like masculine energy. It’s not a gender issue. Both energies are archetypes, sets of characteristics, and attitudes that we all have and that we don’t always allow ourselves to express and take advantage of. However, if we want our lives and our relationships to be harmonious, we must welcome and recognize these two complementary tendencies and reject neither of them.

On a social level, feminine energy is often devalued. Indeed, everything connected to femininity, softness, and emotions tends to be underestimated. In fact, its manifestations have a tendency to be considered ridiculous and unimportant. On the other hand, masculine energy is over-encouraged which, although it’s helpful, is unbalanced without its complement.

If you want to know if you’re rejecting your feminine energy, and how this may be impacting your well-being, carry on reading.

Feminine energy

Feminine energy is linked to being, feeling, and flowing. It’s subtle, soft, and loving. It’s closely related to emotional expression, cooperation, and emotional nutrition. Thus, a person with healthy feminine energy will tend to exhibit the following behaviors:

  • They have the confidence to show themselves as they are, without the need to please or solve others’ problems. They know that simply ‘being’ is enough to receive affection.
  • They’re in contact with their emotions, know how to identify them, and allow themselves to feel them. Furthermore, they express themselves without fear. This means they’re happy with being vulnerable and they know how to welcome and accept the emotions of others.
  • They’re flexible and they flow with the environment and circumstances. They don’t pressure others but seek enjoyment and self-realization in what they dedicate their time to doing.
  • They’re aware that we’re all interdependent beings. This means they’re not afraid to cooperate and bond with other people. In fact, they appreciate, cultivate, and nurture their social relationships and encourage exchange.

On the other hand, masculine energy is connected with doing and giving. It’s focused on competition and individualism. These people are stable and firm. Indeed, people with a higher level of masculine energy know how to set goals and work to achieve them. They’re oriented to success and productivity. It’s these kinds of characteristics that are sought after and encouraged on a social level. Nevertheless, although masculine energy helps us to materialize our goals, to move forward, and to be firm, this doesn’t imply that we should reject its counterpart.

Feminine energy is related to the emotional and affective sphere.

Signs that you’re rejecting your feminine energy

As a rule, one of these two energies predominates in each of us (it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman). Here are some signs that you’re rejecting your feminine energy:

1. You don’t really get on too well with other women

It may be difficult for you to relate to other women. If you do relate to them, it’s usually due to competitiveness and envy, and not out of mutual support.

If you’re rejecting your feminine energy, you may have a complicated relationship with your mother. In addition, you probably prefer to have male friends.

2. You seek to differentiate yourself from others

If you’re rejecting your feminine energy, you might reject everything stereotypically related to femininity. For example, perhaps you hate the color pink, refuse to wear makeup, or don’t like participating in ‘girlish’ activities (if you’re still in your teens).

Obviously, all of the above is a social construction and doesn’t belong to women per se. However, a marked rejection of it can be a way of differentiating yourself from other women. Maybe you see what’s feminine as wrong and what’s masculine as right. Consequently, you reject the feminine essence, which you consider to be inferior and ridiculous. On the other hand, your attitude could simply be a reflection of your own personal preferences.

3. You have difficulty accepting compliments or help

Do you have a hard time accepting a compliment or a favor? Do you find it difficult to let others take care of you or help you out? This may indicate that you need to heal your feminine energy.

If this is happening to you, it’s likely that you’re a really helpful and decisive person, dedicated to giving yourself to others, who establishes unbalanced and inequitable relationships.

4. You don’t allow yourself enjoyment

Enjoyment is extremely typical of feminine energy. Nevertheless, maybe you’re denying it because you’re completely focused on doing, being productive, pushing yourself, and working increasingly harder. If this is the case, you won’t allow yourself to take a break  (it makes you feel useless) and you don’t consider that it’s your right to enjoy what you do.

5. You fear emotional intimacy

The emotional world becomes complicated, overwhelms you, and makes you feel uncomfortable. In fact, you’re unable to recognize, understand, or manage your feelings. Furthermore, it’s difficult for you to express them and you tend to hide away when you don’t feel well. That’s because being vulnerable and depending on other people scares you and seems like a weakness.

In addition, you find it difficult to accept and validate the emotions of others. Indeed, the intensity and emotionality of others make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, instead of nurturing and comforting them, you tend to minimize their feelings.

Woman trying to talk to her husband
Difficulties on the emotional plane are a sign of the rejection of feminine energy.

6. You’re rigid, ruthless, and competitive

You draw fixed goals and rigid plans for your life and tirelessly persevere to achieve them. However, you have a hard time accepting changes of direction or setbacks. In addition, it’s extremely difficult for you to ask for help.

Feminine energy is valid and necessary

If you’ve identified with any of the above, you may need to reconcile with your feminine energy. By doing so, you’ll lower your stress levels, enjoy your day-to-day life more, and your relationships will be more fluid and satisfying.

Finally, we all need direction, goals, and firmness, but also support, cooperation, and emotionality. Make sure you don’t deprive yourself of either of these two aspects.

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