20 of the Best Sayings from the Film Soul


All these phrases from the film Soul can be summed up in one idea. A passion for living. The need to enjoy ourselves in the short time we have on this planet. As a matter of fact, few Pixar productions have had the capacity to move us, excite us, and invite us to reflect so deeply on life.

Pete Docter is the creator of this film aimed at children and adults alike. This wonderful audiovisual journey undertaken by Joe Gardner and the young soul, 22, makes many revelations. In fact, it’s made more than one viewer think about the meaning of their life and their priorities.

You might find that some of the quotes from this film may prove useful to you. In fact, you might not realize it, but they’re actually useful in the area of personal growth.

The best sayings from the film Soul

One thing that the film Soul reminds us of is that life is beautiful. However, people often forget the pleasure to be found in the simplest of things in their daily lives. In this Pixar production, we meet someone who’s forced to be the mentor of a younger and more inexperienced entity. In fact, a soul who doesn’t know anything about living on earth.

However, almost without realizing it, the mentor becomes a student himself. That’s because, before this experience, Joe hadn’t learned to embrace life in a simple way.

The film conveys how it’s important to find your “spark” the ability to delight in the most ordinary yet magical aspects of everyday life. Here are some of the most memorable phrases from Soul.

1. The place you discover pain

 “You can’t crush a soul here, that’s what life on earth is for”.

This is a particularly powerful phrase. In fact, it’ll have made every adult viewer think. It’s putting forward the idea that the earth is where every soul finds out what suffering means.

2. The eternal dilemma

“They say you’re born to do something but how do you know what that something is?”

Without a doubt, this is the question we ask ourselves every day. In fact, we all continually doubt what we do. We ask ourselves what we should be doing and what we should do in the future. In effect, we’re all lost souls, trying to find meaning in our existence.

3. The Power of Love

“The heart is a connection between two souls. No distance, no misunderstandings, nothing can break it.”

Real and genuine affection between people is like an unbreakable thread. In fact, it’s like a permanently connected bridge where everything is reciprocal.

4. Connect with what’s important

“Find the spark.”

This is one of the most important sayings in Soul. You need to surround yourself with the people who make you happy. Also, look for what gives you meaning and significance in your life.

5. When routine extinguishes your spark

“We’re in the business of inspiration, Joe. But it’s not often we find ourselves inspired.”

Inspiration only appears in a calm mind, in a brain that knows how to connect with the present moment. In this way, you’re able to see the most original ideas and possibilities.  This doesn’t happen in a humdrum existence.

6. The world at your fingertips

“Life is full of possibilities. You just need to know where to look.”

The world is full of doors for you to open. If you dare, you can even step inside them.

7. Lost souls

“Some people just can’t let go of their own anxieties and obsessions, leaving them lost and disconnected from life.”

This is another of Soul’s most original sayings. States like anxiety, stress, and obsession leave you in an unhealthy state. You become stranded just like a sick, wandering soul.

8. A meaningful life

“I’m just afraid that if I died today my life would have amounted to nothing.”

Living meaningfully is of the utmost importance. You must learn to put passion into your daily life. Don’t let your life amount to just time passing by.

9. Find passion

“You’ll notice all these souls are missing something. What goes in this spot? Well, these souls need their spark.”

What would people be without their passions, purposes, goals, and hobbies? In fact, they’d be empty and lost souls.

10. Inspirational people

“Lord knows we need more teachers in this world.”

In our society, there’s a distinct lack of people to guide us. People who inspire us with their wisdom, skills, good works, and charisma.

11. An encounter with Carl Jung

Stop talking, my unconscious mind hates you.”

At one point in the film, you see soul 22 meeting Carl Jung, one of the most famous characters in the history of psychology.  However, because of his strange and challenging personality, there isn’t a single person who wants to be his mentor.

12. The story of Dorothea

“I heard this story about a fish. He swims up to this older fish and says, “I’m trying to find this thing they call the ocean.” “The ocean?” says the older fish, “That’s what you’re in right now.” “This?” says the younger fish, “This is water. What I want is the ocean.”

This interesting reflection is said by the great jazz artist Dorothea to the protagonist, Joe Gardner. It means that sometimes you find yourself looking for certain things when in fact they’re right in front of you.

13. An unexpected twist of fate

“I’m not dying today. Not when my life just started.”

Fate can be cruel. So cruel in fact, that, it can take life away just as someone is starting to enjoy it.

14. Dreams give meaning to your life

“You can’t eat dreams for breakfast, Joe”

“Then I don’t want to eat.”

 As humans, we’d be nothing without our dreams. They give meaning and purpose to our life.

15. The search for your authentic self

“See, the tune is just an excuse to bring out the “you”. And that’s why I became a jazz musician.”

This is one of the most inspiring quotes from Soul. Keep looking for that spark that illuminates your authentic self.

16. The thankless life on earth

“-Joe: How about a librarian? They’re cool.

-22: Yes, amazing. Who wouldn’t like working at a thankless job you’re always in danger of losing due to budget cuts …

This conversation arises in the wake of Joe’s continued attempts to get 22 to find the meaning of life. As you can see, the acidity and naivety of the young soul has no limits.

17. The danger of obsessions

“When that joy becomes an obsession it becomes disconnected from life.”

 This often happens. You find your purpose in life but it turns into an obsession. In fact, it starts to overshadow everything else in your life.

18. Finding what ignites your soul takes time

“The truth is I’ve always worried that maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I’m not good enough for living….but you showed me about passion and purpose.”

Many of us spend a good part of our life thinking that there’s something wrong with us. That we’re lacking something and that’s why we’re not really happy. However, sooner or later something happens that changes everything.

19. Why we are as we are

“This is the Great Before. It’s where new souls get their personalities, hobbies, and interests before they go to earth.”

Perhaps we should all reformulate our theories. Maybe, just like in Soul, the reason we’re so manic, or why we’re interested in some things and not others, is precisely due to the “Great Before”

20. Your best decision

“How are you going to spend your life?
I’m not sure, but I do know I’m gonna live every minute of it.”

We can’t end our list of quotes from the film Soul without this most decisive one of all. It’s the motto you should never forget. Live every minute. That’s the key, the secret to happiness.


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