How to Protect Yourself From Negativity


They say that nobody’s born knowing. This is true. However, when something extremely sad happens in your life, it has the tendency to make you realize how upset you used to get over things that really didn’t matter at all in the long run. In fact, how you let negativity get the better of you.

Everyone’s negative at times. Furthermore, occasionally you also allow yourself to be infected by the negativity of others.

However, can you protect yourself from this kind of negativity that sometimes takes you over without you even realizing it?

Do you live surrounded by negativity?

We all live surrounded by negativity. Co-workers, relatives, acquaintances, the tv news, etc. They’re all capable of instilling negativity in us at one time or another.

Sometimes, people who are extremely pessimistic and only see the bad in things, drag you into their dark places with them. Sometimes, they might be envious of you. Or, you might find yourself getting drawn into the worrying world of 24-hour news that’s just full of crimes, tragedies, and ecological disasters.

In the end, what happens? Well, every day, depending on how vulnerable you are, without you even realizing it, you get gradually taken over by negativity.

Ultimately, you too become a negative person, without joy and without motivation. You see life only in two colors, black and white, and you cease to realize that the rainbow that also forms a part of your life is full of colors.

However, if you take action, you can protect yourself from the negativity that surrounds you. Because, at the end of the day, you’re responsible for your own life and your own happiness.

“Intense negative emotions absorb all of the individual’s attention, hampering any attempt to attend to something else.”

-Daniel Goleman-

How to protect yourself from negativity

Create your own happiness

What makes you happy? Whatever it is, take advantage of it.

The smile of a child, having a coffee while watching the rain, playing your favorite music at full volume, laughing with a friend… Look for it and provoke it.

Put aside the news for a while, leave negative people behind, and surround yourself with everything that adds, not takes away from your life.

“I’m gonna take all this negativity and use it as fuel and I’m gonna find a silver lining.”

-Bradley Cooper-

Have positive thoughts

Negative thoughts haunt us all. They’re inevitable. However, don’t let yourself be carried away by them. Be aware when negative thinking might be catching up with you and put a stop to it.

Has a family member recently passed away? Surround yourself with other loved ones, especially little ones, who radiate happiness.

Has your partner left you? Even if you don’t feel like it right now, open your eyes and see how many other interesting people there are in the world. In other words, “turn the tables.”

Accept your mistakes and failures without punishing yourself

We all make mistakes and we all experience failure. However, we get back up and carry on. Don’t give up. See every mistake as an opportunity to learn and change.

When you don’t let the negativity win and you stay in control of it, you’ll feel strengthened and extremely satisfied with yourself. Indeed, they say that the secret to being wise is in making mistakes and rectifying them. There’s a reason for this.

Girl looking at the sea

Be sure of yourself

Learn to be your best friend, to be sure of what you want and of what you are. Don’t let yourself be influenced by the opinions that others have of you.

Have you always wanted people to say that you “have character “? Well, have you ever thought that having character means being sure of yourself? Not in a pretentious way though. It also means putting to one side what others say about you.

In fact, just relax. Because no matter how well you do things, not everyone will ever approve. In the same way, you won’t always approve of everyone else either. As soon as you become fully aware of this, you’ll feel much better and happier.

Just relax

Many times you’re so stressed by work and obligations that everything becomes negative. Therefore, make space for yourself, give yourself time to relax, and do nothing. Either alone or with others.

A little fresh air, sports, music… they can all make you see things in a very different way. All these activities awaken your endorphins, the hormones responsible for your happiness.

Remember, don’t get carried away by negativity. You only live once.

Why not try to be happy?

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