Six Alternatives for Summer Plans with Children


When you have to make summer plans for your children, you should consider activities that often include the sun, beaches, swimming pools, and relaxation.

Although spending quality time with your children is important, you may not do it as much as you’d like. This is why we decided to discuss leisure alternatives for you and your little ones.

Nowadays, people are making children do educational tasks and homework during the summer. However, it’s also important for them to rest and disconnect from everyday life.

Summer break is a great time to teach children many things. However, this kind of learning has little to do with what they usually study in the classroom. Still, children can apply science while they cook snacks, dismantle and fix a bike, and understand how vegetable gardens work.

Teaching children to enjoy their free time responsibly is a huge challenge. At the same time, having a good example will predispose them to learning.

Below, we’re going to share a few family plans and plans just for children.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

-John Steinbeck-

Family summer plans

  • Family camping. A few days in nature can be enriching and a rather fun way to learn. You can compete to find different plant species or even try birdwatching.
  • Rural tourism. Going back in time in a little town is a unique experience. Think of it as a mini-city where children can enjoy the kind of freedom they just can’t find in a big city.
  • Family festival. As enjoying music together can be magical, you should include this activity in your special, relaxing, and fun summer plans.
A man teaching a child to bike.

Summer alternatives for children

  • Urban camps and workshops. This is a good way to keep children entertained. Almost every town offers these services nowadays. Besides getting away from the “seriousness” of school, your children will be able to learn while playing and socializing with other children their age.
  • Language camps. Improving their command of a foreign language while having fun can be a great activity. There are many language immersion programs for children where they can practice it 24 hours a day. These camps also have sports and recreational activities to allow children the opportunity to meet new friends.
  • Spending time with grandparents is priceless for children and has all sorts of benefits. Many adults had the opportunity to spend their summers with their grandparents and learned a lot by their side. Above all, they benefited from their love and affection. Allowing your children to spend time with their grandparents is a unique and incredible experience.

The activity you do with your children isn’t as important. What really counts is the quality time you spend with them is. In fact, it’s the best thing you can give them.

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