Gregg Braden: Experiments and the Power of Intention


Gregg Braden is a puzzling scholar because he creates ideas that don’t coincide with traditional science. Several of his concepts are based on three experiments that make up the evidence for his argument. However, other researchers haven’t replicated similar evidence and, therefore, his experiences haven’t been formally accepted as scientific knowledge.

Braden makes some bold claims, such as that many people meditating for a common goal are capable of changing reality. This is what some call “the power of intention”. He also points out that emotions affect DNA and that, therefore, self-healing is possible in a similar way.

Before delving into Braden’s experiments on which he bases his thesis, it’s important to clarify that formal science hasn’t endorsed these claims but they haven’t been disproven either. As a result, you should approach these concepts with openness but also skepticism at the same time.

“When a certain number of people come together and they choose at a moment in time to create a precise emotion in their hearts, that emotion literally can literally intentionally influence the very fields that sustain life on planet Earth.”

-Gregg Braden-

Science and spirituality

Gregg Braden is an American geologist who worked as a computer geologist for Phillips Petroleum during the 1970s. Later, he was Senior Designer of Computer Systems a Martin Marietta Defense Systems. In 1991, he was named the first Technical Director of Operations for Cisco Systems.

However, Braden began to delve into the study of ancient cultures and developed a significant interest in spiritual subjects. He was interested in the idea that science and spirituality aren’t mutually exclusive. Therefore, in the mid-90s, he turned towards research on the relationship between these two areas.

Nowadays, people know him best for his books and television appearances. In other words, the scientific community doesn’t recognize him as a researcher, although some investigations have cited his works.

The basis of Greg Braden’s investigation

Braden has a well-known documentary entitled The Science of Miracles. In the film, he relates his theories and cites three truly puzzling experiments. The first was performed in 1990 by Russian scientists Vladimir Poponin, the second of a military nature, and the third was conducted at the HeartMath Institute.

Poponin’s experiment consisted of creating a vacuum in a glass tube. In reality, there was never a complete vacuum. However, Poponin wanted to study the behavior of photons, or light particles, inside the tube.

At first, the photons scattered, in no order. Then, the researcher introduced human DNA samples. The particles then aligned around the biological sample. In theory, this would demonstrate that DNA affects the matter around it.

An image of what DNA looks like.

Other experiments by Gregg Braden

For the second experiment, researchers collected samples of white blood cells and placed them in a special room where they could measure even minimal electrical changes. The donor was in an adjoining room and was asked to watch a series of violent video images.

Braden suggests that, by simultaneously measuring the donor reaction and the changes in white blood cells, there was a connection between the two. In other words, what the person felt also seemed to translate to their biological sample. Supposedly, this suggests that living cells recognized each other.

The third experiment involved 28 samples of human placentas, which experimenters placed in containers capable of detecting electrical changes. Next to each same, there was a person meditating. Each person focused intensely on a feeling, positive or negative. Braden says that DNA expands if someone is projecting a positive emotion and shrinks if the emotion is negative.

Although these experiments aren’t proven yet, if proven, they would demonstrate that feelings change matter. On a practical level, Gregg Braden proposes that a person can heal from positive thoughts and feelings. While his work is interesting, there’s still a long way to go before his experiments are scientifically proven.

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