Six Famous Sayings From Pythagoras


Pythagoras was a philosopher and mathematician who revolutionized the world. He’s renowned for his famous theorem. Indeed, this is still studied in philosophy today. He also had a great influence on other philosophers, such as Plato. Pythagoras initiated the first of many debates that later became extremely important. We’ll discover some of them here. In fact, we mention six famous sayings from Pythagoras in this article.

Pythagoras founded the Pythagorean school which was famous for its teachings in science and the arts. His students were people whose life was spent around numbers, coinciding with his thoughts that “everything is numbers.” However, Pythagoras also thought and reflected a great deal. This is evident in the six sayings we take a look at below. Indeed, every one of them contains a valuable lesson.

1. In search of the just measure

“Do not be ambitious and stingy; the just measure is excellent in such cases.”

The first of Pythagoras’ famous phrases allows you to reflect on how important it is to maintain moderate and prudent positions in life. That’s because excessive ambition can turn you into a person who doesn’t know how to enjoy the little things in life. In fact, it sows the seed of continuous dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, if you’re stingy, this prevents you from using your money wisely. For example, for your leisure pursuits.

In the end, with both of these qualities, you’ll end up feeling dissatisfied. You need to find a midpoint. Your equilibrium.

2. Educating in love is fundamental

“Save the tears of your children, so that they can water your grave with them.”

This second saying deals with the essential theme of teaching your children with love. In this way, they’ll receive an education full of smiles and happy moments when they’re allowed to be simply children. However, of course. sometimes, they’ll cry. Hence the tears.

This particular saying reminds you to take care of your children. Indeed, we should all take care of our children and our young people.

3. Listening is the beginning of wisdom

“Listen, you will be wise. The beginning of wisdom is silence.”

Do you know how to listen to others? Do you balance out your speaking and listening? Although this may seem easy to answer, in reality, you usually tend to talk more than listen. However, this is a serious mistake to make.

Pythagoras was aware that so much can be learned by listening to others. There’s no rush to respond or to refute an opinion with which you don’t agree. Listen first… then respond wisely later. That’s the key.

4. The importance of educating children

“Educate the children and it will not be necessary to punish the men.”

Educating children is never an easy task. Furthermore, it becomes especially complex when there are so many obligations and responsibilities competing for your attention. On the other hand, educating is always an active task. To do it, you have to make plans, make decisions, and get involved. Not only will it prove worthwhile but you must do it.

Pythagoras said that education was the pillar on which each generation relies to establish and follow civic customs. It’s the best preventive action against violence and the best bet for coexistence in society.

5. Help your peers without feeling obliged

“Assist a man in raising a burden, but do not assist him in laying it down.”

Sometimes, you want to help others. Maybe they have problems with their partner or they’re just feeling sad.

Being there for these people and supporting them is something that’ll help them a lot. However, if you help them, it should be because you want to. Remember, you’re not required to completely assume their problems for them. More than anything, this is because you won’t solve anything by doing so. In fact, you’ll just add more weight to their load.

6. Sometimes, it’s better to be quiet

“A fool is known by his speech; and a wise man by silence.”

We already mentioned the earlier saying from Pythagoras concerning the benefits of keeping quiet and listening. Clearly, listening was an important issue for this philosopher, as he again extols the benefits of staying silent in this one.

Furthermore, talking for the sake of talking can mean you often say something absurd or nonsensical. Therefore, learn to listen.

Couple having a serious conversation

What do you think of these phrases that Pythagoras has left us? There’s no doubt that each one contains an extremely valuable lesson. Let’s extract some key aspects. Education is fundamental for society. Knowing how to listen is more important than talking for the sake of talking. Making an effort to seek or restore balance is worthwhile, and, finally, when you help others, you receive a reward for the simple fact of having an interest in the welfare of others. Which of these sayings particularly resonates with you?


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