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Hugs, Beautiful Expressions of Your Innermost Feelings


Hugs are the most beautiful demonstrations of love that human beings can give to each other. This is due to the huge amount of love that can be contained in a hug. In fact, no words or other actions are needed in this expression of pure love.

Hugs are emotional bridges that bring us closer to one another.

The beauty of hugs

A beautiful part of a hug is in the gesture itself. When you walk down the street, is there anything more beautiful than seeing two people who love and care for each other engaged in a wonderful hug?  It doesn’t matter if they’re a couple, friends, or family. Just witnessing a hug feeds your soul.

“Sometimes it’s better to put love into hugs than into words.”


As a matter of fact, a hug, even if you’re not the person giving or receiving it, always has a beautiful meaning that expresses affection, interest, and love.

Hugs allow you to express yourself. They sometimes even help you rebuild yourself.

You won’t always be on the receiving end of outstandingly beautiful hugs. However, the simplest and most ordinary hug has the capacity to move you. In fact, a hug can calm you and even soothe your anger, so long as they’re genuine and affectionate.

The warmth of hugs

In addition, hugs can be warm and loving. They allow you to express all kinds of feelings without having to speak. In this sense, you can differentiate between those that you give or those that you receive:

  • If you’re a loving person, whenever you offer hugs you’re able to express the emotion you feel at that exact moment. Providing it’s a genuine hug, of course.

For this reason, if you need to convey love, understanding, closeness, appreciation, or any other feeling towards another person, with a hug you’ll be showing them that you’re there when they need you. You don’t even have to say a word.

  • On the other hand, if you’re on the receiving end of a hug, it also makes it easy for you to express your emotions.

For example, imagine that you’re feeling dejected and a loved one gives you a hug, demonstrating their understanding, help, and support. Obviously, you’re going to show your gratitude and tenderness to them. Indeed, you demonstrate the warmth you feel with a hug that’s genuine and affectionate.

Furthermore, hugs serve to express your emotions and everything you feel for the person you’re hugging. A hug shows them how important they are in your life and how you need them.

Fake hugs

On the other hand, there are false hugs that express a negative or pejorative feeling in both the person who receives them and the person who gives them. They tend to show insincere feelings or an unsolicited approach neither really wanted.

  • When you give a hug to a person for whom you feel nothing, it loses all its meaning. Therefore, it’s a good idea to save them for those important people in your life.
  • At other times, you might be the one who gets hugs from people who don’t really feel anything for you. These might be people who do it to feel important, to show false affection, or to seem more important in your life than they really are.

The true meaning of hugs

The true meaning of hugs lies in what you want to express with them. They show the affection you feel towards your loved ones, a pet, or even a certain cherished object, and what they mean to you.

Girls hugging an elephant

There are undoubtedly many people in your life who deserve your hugs. However, when they hug you back, thus returning your love and showing you how much you mean to them, you feel doubly rewarded. Because a hug is a great way to express wonderful feelings without the need for words or explanations.

“I only believe in what I can touch, kiss or hug. The rest is just smoke”

-Edward Paul Abbey-

Expression at the biological level

Hugs not only express what you carry inside on an emotional level, but also on a biological level. In fact, an affectionate hug has the potential to release oxytocin. As the psychologist, Solange Anuch explains, “when there is affective physical contact, oxytocin is released, a hormone that not only generates sensations of satisfaction and pleasures but also reduces the release of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress”.

Furthermore, the psychologist Jaime Silva, states that “the immune system is closely connected with stress. Those who have periods of very intense stress are more exposed to having illnesses, and hugs also improve the immune system.

Neurologist, Lucía Graterón claims that hugs also release dopamine and endorphins. These hormones relieve pain and improve your mood. In addition, cognitively, they improve your memory and attention. Finally, now we know all that hugging entails on both an emotional and physiological level, there can be absolutely no reason at all not to get hugging.


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