Stay Away from Drama and the People who Create it


“We frequently permit gossips, envious people, authoritarian people, psychopaths, proud, mediocre, toxic people, wrong people to enter in our innermost circle, who permanently evaluate what we say and what we do, or what we do not say and do not do.”

-Bernardo Stamateas-

Because some people just love drama

There’s no doubt that we’re surrounded by people who love to know about and criticize the lives of others.

Boredom, lack of ambitions and hobbies, along with an absence of pleasure in their own lives means that certain people find no greater satisfaction than scrutinizing the lives of others. In fact, they’re searching for that adrenaline rush that they don’t experience in their own lives.

Maybe it’s something we’ve all been guilty of at some time or another. However, for many people, this kind of behavior often becomes a “way of life”.

Why are we surrounded by people who love drama?

In most cases, we haven’t chosen to be surrounded by these kinds of people. In the same way that a dog hasn’t chosen its abusive owner. It’s simply something that happens to us in this lottery we call life.

These people might’ve been in your life since childhood. They might be old school friends. They might be your boss at work. Maybe both. Maybe you’ve only met them once. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have never met them. Anyway, what you must remember is that it isn’t ever your fault if you’ve let these kinds of people into your life.


Some people claim that who you attract is a reflection of you. However, sometimes you have no choice other than to let certain people into your life. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you have to continue to share your life with them.

Don’t turn your life into a drama

Cordiality, respect, and emotional distance are always your best weapons in this instance. In effect, what you need to do is gradually withdraw from these people.

You can be sure that making the decision to walk away is a sensible one. That’s because harmful behaviors are highly contagious and they never benefit you.

Don’t think twice. We all know who we want in our lives and who we don’t. Making these kinds of decisions is what life’s all about.

Indeed, to be happy you have to make decisions, without hesitation and without regrets. Your emotional well-being is the foundation of everything, both for you and for those around you. Therefore, getting away from those people who you consider to be unhealthy for you is always going to be a good decision.

Signs of a drama lover

They divulge past private conversations. The person who once listened to you, when they realize you’re no longer comfortable with them, may start playing dirty. Nevertheless, you need to remember that, though they may want to torment and harm you, it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.

They create discomfort in your environment: Ignore what this person might say about the people around you. Reality is what you yourself perceive it to be.

They try and speak for you. Whatever your relationship with them, avoid being seen as too closely linked with them. In fact, you must begin to make the world see that you live in a parallel universe to these people.

If you don’t belong to their circle and you differentiate yourself from them, it’ll be much easier to withdraw both physically and emotionally from them.


As a matter of fact, aim for as minimal a relationship as possible with these kinds of people. If the relationship ends up being non-existent, all the better. The benefit to your mental and physical health will be great.

It’s an undeniable fact that some people appear in your life just to give you an example of how not to be. In fact, the best thing they can ever do for you is walk away.


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