Seven Signs That Mean You’re Working Too Hard


If you’re working too hard, you might not notice anything unusual for a long time. That’s because overworking doesn’t generally cause any serious short-term consequences. Indeed, at the end of the day, your body usually responds perfectly adequately to the times you demand more of it.

However, of course, everything has a limit. Therefore, if the months go by, and you’re still working too hard, your body and mind will certainly start to notice. The problem is that you won’t always notice what’s happening. This can have serious long-term consequences.

Physical and mental health is closely related to balance. In this way, when you go over the limit in some way, you alter the balance and you end up paying for it. Here are some signs that tell you you’re working too hard.

1. You feel like you never have time

Usually, it starts at a point where you feel deeply committed to your work. Sometimes it’s because it’s difficult. At other times it might be because it’s a great opportunity so you want to do it really well. Or, on other occasions, you might be afraid of losing your job completely. It could also be possible that there’s something in your life that isn’t right and you’re finding refuge in your work.

Sometimes, without realizing it, you start to dedicate increasingly more of your time to work than you should. You make commitments that go beyond your normal role, or you take on another job as well if you think you can fit it in. However, very soon you realize that you no longer have time for anything else.

2. You become more irritable

Chances are, that if you’re working too much you’ll also become more irritable. That’s because the excess tasks you’ve taken on cause you permanent stress.  At the same time, this makes you more sensitive to minor irritations.

In fact, you might become one of those people who’s continually in a bad mood. This may be expressed as inflexibility, overexertion, or a desire for perfection. However, the truth is, deep down you’re angry and it’s an anger that doesn’t go away.

3. You can’t relax

Having difficulty relaxing is one of the most typical signs that you’re working too hard. It’s as if you’re permanently “switched on”. It’s like being prepared at all times for any eventuality.

The point here is that you’re also like this outside of work hours. Furthermore, it’s extremely likely that the quality of your sleep will be affected. Either you won’t be able to fall asleep easily, or you’ll wake up at the slightest disturbance. In fact, it seems like you can never “switch off”.

4. You feel tired when you get up

This is another obvious sign of overwork. It usually occurs after a few months of work overload. You also tend not to notice it. In fact, you just think it’s normal to still feel a bit sleepy when you get up.

However, over time, you’ll realize that no matter how many hours you sleep, when you get up you still feel that you need more rest. Furthermore, your tiredness is no longer the normal kind of fatigue experienced at the end of the day. This is because your body, more particularly your nervous system, is being subjected to extreme wear and tear.

5. You have muscle aches frequently

This is another sign that you’re working too hard and that it’s time to have a rethink. Your overwork begins to manifest itself in your body and you start to feel muscle pain, especially in your neck and back.

It’s also common for this to be accompanied by digestive problems such as heartburn or frequent indigestion. In addition, you might start experiencing migraines. Furthermore, you might just not feel right.

6. You haven’t done something fun for a long time

If you are working too much you may feel too bored

After some time, the word “fun” sounds completely alien to you. However, if you’re not dedicating part of your time to recreation and enjoyment, you’re definitely working too hard.

If you find you’ve cut fun out of your life, you’re effectively turning your existence into a flat and one-dimensional space. Furthermore, it doesn’t show great commitment and responsibility on your part, but quite the opposite.

7. You only talk about work

Just as work ends up occupying a large part of your time, it also invades your mind, sometimes almost completely. Indeed, if your only topic of conversation has become work or related topics, you’re clearly overdoing it.

If you’re working too hard, there’s probably an underlying reason for it. Therefore, you need to ask yourself what’s happening in your life? Why have you ended up concentrating only on work? Indeed, these are the questions you need to ask yourself. Furthermore, you need to take a break so you can answer them.

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